Private Debt

Loan management for private companies of all sizes

Don’t let software get between you and your clients

Your clients face enough unpredictability in their daily operations. They don’t need the lending experience to throw them another curveball. Hypercore is designed to keep up with the demands of private debt, helping you back more businesses and get better returns.

Data-driven debt

When you spend all day manually managing loans, it’s hard to think strategically about your private debt products. Hypercore puts you in control of your data, so you can get creative and close more deals.

From early-stage companies to major enterprises

Small businesses have different needs than large corporations. Hypercore helps you build flexible loan terms to match their financial reality.

Revolving credit facilities

Direct lending

Infrastructure debt

Mezzanine debt

Real estate debt

Distressed debt

Stay compliant with every covenant

The more your business grows, the harder it is to stay on top of every covenant agreement. That’s why Hypercore’s reporting module does it for you. Track the metrics and milestones that matter most — including eligibility criteria, concentration limits, and borrowing base calculations.

Keep track of every funding source

When an investor calls, you want to give them an accurate picture of their performance. Hypercore measures total allocations and calculates returns daily for each funding source.

The Path to Scalability: How Edge Growth Scales with Hypercore

Edge Growth is an impact-focused venture capital fund in South Africa focused on small and medium enterprises.

Scale your private debt business

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Scale your private debt business

Book a 30-minute demo to see Hypercore in action.

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