Commercial Real Estate

Loan management for development and construction

Donโ€™t let software hold you back from growth

Traditional loan management software is built for banks, not commercial real estate. Time spent manually entering and processing data is time taken away from sourcing deals. Hypercore is the first loan management platform designed to keep up with the demands of commercial real estate.

Back more projects. Back better projects.

When you have good data, you can make better decisions about your real estate loan products. As a data-first platform, Hypercore helps you find more profitable opportunities, adapt to market demand, and avoid costly mistakes.

From fix-and-flips to full buildouts

The most profitable loan products are tailored to specific real estate projects. Hypercore helps you customize each detail around your customerโ€™s needs.

Development and construction loans

Commercial mortgages

Short-term bridge loans

Multi-tranche credit facilities

Fixed or floating interest

Rolled-up interest or payment-in-kind

Build automated fee models

Manual fee managementโ€”including closing fees, default penalties, and exit feesโ€”can use up precious time and expose you to errors. Hypercore enables complete customization of fee calculation and frequency, then automatically creates your payment schedules.

Keep track of every funding source

Syndicated real estate loans are complex. Hypercore does the heavy lifting for you, organizing terms and calculating returns for every participant.

Implementation Success with Copernicus Credit

With Hypercore, Copernicus Credit now has a platform that will help them grow and scale.

Scale your real estate lending business

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Scale your real estate lending business

Book a 30-minute demo to see Hypercore in action.

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