Funding Sources Management

Track data for every source of capital

See your assets and liabilities in real-time

The more you scale, the harder it is to align portfolio performance with the performance of every funding source. Instead of relying on manual math, Hypercore uses your loan terms and funding terms to automatically calculate total assets and liabilities.

Funding terms


Allocation of funds

Commitments and returns


Participation timelines

Visualize sources for each loan

Every syndicated loan is different. Backed by SPVs? 50/50 split between two commercial lenders? Funded by a mix of banks, private investors, and institutional lenders? However your debt is structured, Hypercore will track terms, total repayments, and returns for every party involved.

Measure performance for each source

Investors don’t expect perfect performance, but they do expect regular updates. Use Hypercore to measure KPIs based on each investor’s definition of success, including IRR, DPI, or Coupon Yield. Easily export and share metrics whenever you’re asked.

Eliminate guesswork

Hypercore’s unique data management approach connects your funding sources to all relevant loans and loan terms. Answer mission critical questions without the hands-on math.

What is our profit margin on this particular loan?

What is this loan really worth?

Are we maintaining a healthy cash flow?

How much do we owe our investors?

Set it and forget it

Just add a new loan, add a funding source, and let it run. Need to make a change? Amend the terms and Hypercore will recalculate payment schedules, fees, and interest.

Take the complexity out of loan servicing

As a servicer, you balance variables for every funding source, including seniority terms and participation timelines. Hypercore handles all the complexity for you — so you can focus on closing deals.

Take control of your funding sources management process

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Take control of your funding sources management process

Book a 30-minute demo to see Hypercore in action.

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