Venture Debt

Loan management for early-stage financing

Loan management software at the speed of startups

Your startup clients move fast. If you use legacy loan management software or manual spreadsheets, you wonโ€™t be able to keep up. Hypercore is a fast, modern platform that helps you stay competitive in the venture debt market.


Venture debt is risky enough. You canโ€™t afford to make any errors in the loan management process. Hypercore centralizes and simplifies your data so you can drive better outcomes for both clients and investors.

Confidently manage debt and equity

Manage loans and equity in the same place. Hypercore includes every tool you need to customize your debt terms, financial covenants, and equity kickers.

Revolving periods

Custom amortization

Fixed, floating and PIK interest

Equity kickers (shares and warrants)

Convertible instruments

Complex fee modeling

Keep track of every funding source

Syndicated venture loans mean more stakeholders to manage. Hypercore helps you accurately service each transaction by calculating allocations and returns for every investor.

Proactive Risk Management: Why Pershing Ventures Implemented Hypercore

Pershing Ventures identified the potential operational risk associated with reliance on spreadsheets to manage existing assets and liabilities and knew they needed to transition...

Scale your venture debt business

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Scale your venture debt business

Book a 30-minute demo to see Hypercore in action.

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