Our Commitment to Security

At Hypercore, we take data privacy and security seriously. As your loan management partner, we are committed to earning and keeping your trust.

Infrastructure Security

Modern Cloud Technology

We leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure cloud services provider, to host our data. These facilities are strategically located in secure environments with restricted access to ensure complete protection.

Secure Infrastructure

In addition to data hosting, we leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) for both infrastructure and network security. Our systems benefit from state-of-the-art physical and environmental security. We also implement controls such as firewalls, vulnerability detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems to safeguard against unauthorized access. All data on Hypercore is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Application Security

We have a secure development lifecycle (SDLC) in place to ensure that our applications are developed and maintained securely. We also perform regular security audits of our applications to identify and address vulnerabilities.

Data Privacy and Protection

We respect user privacy. We are committed to handling all personal data and sensitive information securely, transparently, and in compliance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. We limit the collection, access, and use of personal data to only what is necessary to deliver our services and operate our business. We also provide customers with control over their information.

Backup Policy

Our system conducts automated 7-day backups, including a 72-hour backtrack on relevant systems. These backups are seamlessly managed through an application that includes annual testing to ensure recovery in the unlikely event of data loss.

Security Controls

Information Security Policies

We have established comprehensive information security policies covering access controls, password policies, data encryption, vendor management, and incident response. Each policy is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Access Controls

We implement stringent role-based access controls to safeguard client data. Multi-Factor Authentication ensures that access is limited according to the principle of least privilege. Rigorous logging and monitoring are also in place for all systems.


Sensitive data stored and transmitted on Hypercore is encrypted using industry-standard encryption mechanisms. This includes TLS 1.2 for data in transit and 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest.

Security Monitoring

We employ security controls, including intrusion detection and vulnerability scanning, to continuously monitor our systems, detect potential incidents, and minimize impact.

Risk Management and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Incident Response

We have a Disaster Recovery and Incident Response plan in place to address security events. This plan includes procedures for identifying, containing, and eradicating threats, as well as a process to keep customers informed of any security events that may affect their data.

Vendor Risk Management

Our vendor management program includes security requirements for all third-party vendors that access or store customer data. We also perform security assessments of each vendor to ensure compliance.

Security Certifications

We are currently in the process of obtaining a SOC 2 Type 2 certificate to further enhance our commitment to security and compliance standards.

Have a Security Issue to Report?

If you have any questions about our security program, please contact us at support@hypercore.ai.