Generate custom reports and streamline critical processes

Analyze, visualize, or export any data point

Hypercore powers strategic decision-making for your whole business. Integrated business intelligence tools and data visualizations give you all the information you need to analyze performance and scale confidently.

Performance reporting

Regulatory reporting

Cashflow management

Risk management

Operational analytics

Process automation

Turn your spreadsheets into charts

Spreadsheets are great for storing data, not for using it. Hypercore lets you manipulate and analyze any data you add to the platform. Build tables, charts, and graphs — even entire dashboards — all in one place.

Share real-time reports with investors and partners

Build trust with your business partners by sharing personalized dashboards and reports, updated in real-time. No more manual calculations, no more errors.

Answer your business’ most pressing questions

By managing data in a centralized and flexible location, Hypercore puts strategic decision-making at your fingertips.

What are our expected payments this month?

Is our risk exposure increasing or decreasing?

Which loan products are most profitable?

Where is the best opportunity to grow our business?

Put your processes on autopilot

It’s time to digitize your operations. Pick a process, build a data table, spin up a dashboard, and let Hypercore run the calculations for you.

Flexibility comes standard

Hypercore’s data structure is inherently flexible, eliminating the need for third-party software or data warehouses. Use custom data tables, integrated BI tools, and even SQL queries to track and analyze any metric that matters to your business.

Take control of your reporting process

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Take control of your loan reporting process

Book a 30-minute demo to see Hypercore in action.

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