Success Story

Proactive Risk Management: Why Pershing Ventures Implemented Hypercore

Pershing Ventures



Pershing Ventures identified the potential operational risk associated with reliance on spreadsheets to manage existing assets and liabilities and knew they needed to transition to a long-term technology solution to pre-empt the occurrence of an operational risk event.


Pershing Ventures selected Hypercore as it provides for an accurate reflection and management of its positions, reduces staff time spent inputting, managing, and arranging data, and ultimately improves data accuracy, accessibility, and analytical output.


Hypercore was the only solution that provided the flexibility to support Pershing Ventures’ unique deal structures whilst also satisfying its risk management and reporting requirements. Hypercore is now the “source of truth” for the Pershing Ventures investment and management team.

The customer

Pershing Ventures is a venture capital company focused on providing debt financing to private, revenue positive early-stage ventures and SMEs based primarily in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, with select investments in other comparable geographies. Pershing Ventures tailors financing solutions to each business, optimizing the transactions based on corporate structure, business model and growth aspirations.

The challenge

Like many early-stage non-bank investors, Pershing Ventures started by managing its portfolio in spreadsheets. However, with its leadership team’s decades of expertise in blue-chip financial institutions, it knew it needed to transition from spreadsheets to a durable technology solution early to proactively manage operational risk.

“You think firstly about credit and market risk, as key business challenges. Less obvious are the operational risks that can turn into a credit or market risk. Spreadsheets are inherently an operational risk.”

shared David Weiss, Pershing Ventures President

As a result, Pershing Ventures knew they needed to implement a loan management platform prior to incurring any operational risk-related loss.

”Manual errors, data inaccuracy, misinformed decision making, mistaken customer communications or investor reporting are just some of the business-stopping challenges that Hypercore helps defend against. Now we can re-allocate time and resources to other critical business directives”

David Weiss, Pershing Ventures President

The solution

The Pershing Ventures team knew it would be a worthwhile investment in time and money to identify and implement the right loan management solution.

“The time savings of having a solution in place far outweighs the setup time and costs. Furthermore, the time saved can be refocused on new business development or managing the existing investment portfolio.”

shared Tor Trivers, Chief Investment Officer at Pershing Ventures

Pershing Ventures prioritized a solution that would meet the unique needs of their business. While some vendors’ products were built for traditional banking operations, and others were geared toward the mortgage industry, those solutions required workarounds or changes to core processes to work. Instead, the Pershing Ventures team needed a platform that would:

  • Provide accurate management of their positions without changing core requirements;
  • Reduce staff time spent managing data; and
  • Improve data accuracy, accessibility, and reportability

While other platforms for non-bank debt investors existed, only Hypercore provided the flexibility they needed to fit their requirements.

“Hypercore has a responsive team, that resolves matters expeditiously. When a solution isn’t immediately available, Hypercore identifies a plan to resolve the issues, implements it and delivers within the estimated timeframe. We rely on Hypercore to facilitate the operation of our loans, streamline our data and inform our management decision-making.”

Tor Trivers, Chief Investment Officer at Pershing Ventures

The outcome

With Hypercore, Pershing Ventures has optimized how it administers its investment portfolio, makes business and management level decisions, and interacts with its customers. Now, the team can easily arrange data in Hypercore’s customizable dashboards to obtain the data and perspective they need to make informed business decisions. As a “second act” to managing its growing investment portfolio, Pershing Ventures has also started to use Hypercore to model its own corporate liabilities.

“Technology, data privacy and security functionality go together, and we cannot consider these issues in silos. Fortunately, Hypercore’s technology has the right capabilities to manage these issues in-line with current best practices”

shared David Weiss, Pershing Ventures President

Pershing Venture’s Success with Hypercore:

  • Implemented Hypercore early to proactively develop a strong risk-management framework;
  • Eliminated manual processes in transaction monitoring and reporting while reducing the potential for manual errors and increasing operational efficiency;
  • Improved data accuracy, accessibility and reporting, providing greater insight into performance; and
  • Improved the robustness of investment and management decision making whilst streamlining and scaling the processes that support it.