Borrower Data Management

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Speed up the origination process

Information requests are too important to conduct via email. Use Hypercore to build and send secure borrower forms, track application workflows, and quickly identify the deals worth pursuing.

Personalized Applications

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Custom Lending Workflows

Pipeline Management

Seamless Verification

Centralized Data

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Design intuitive workflows

Hypercore helps originators and portfolio managers build repeatable processes and track progress for data collection, deal flow, and portfolio monitoring. Access or create new borrower forms directly from each card.

Build custom borrower forms

Create digital forms for every loan product. Assign custom forms to specific customers or publish general forms to use in your standard origination process.

Centralize your borrower data

Hypercore organizes every borrower's data in a structured deal package. As your prospects become customers, the information you collect stays with them.

Process loan applications

Manage broker relationships

Send loan proposals

Make information requests

Provide a seamless customer experience

Hypercore modernizes the lending experience. Personalize each digital interaction to match your brand and align with your standards.

Improve your broker relationships

Brokers can either hold up a deal or help it get across the finish line. Hypercore makes data collection easier for brokers and turns you into their preferred partner.

Keep every document secure

Your customers want to know that youโ€™re protecting their sensitive financial data. Send them a private link to securely save progress and submit information. Every document they upload is stored on our encrypted, SOC 2-certified platform.

Take control of your funding sources management process

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Take control of your borrower data management

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