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Hypercore is now Backed by YC!


Hypercore is part of the summer 21 batch of Y Combinator!

Together with my co-founders Daniel, Tomer, and Eitan, we are building the one thing we were always very frustrated about, financial institutions' backoffice systems.

Hypercore is an end-to-end solution for bespoke, private lenders and debt funds. It allows you to structure debt in a way that makes sense to you and your borrower while keeping the structure, required to give you real-time metrics and automations on your portfolio.

Back to YC - Due to COVID, the batch is of course remote but this does come with some great advantages. The most important being - we could stay close to our families and get all the support we need during these crazy times.

Apart from that, we're saving time on traveling so that we could invest the most amount of time talking with lenders and building the best platform we can.

Our experience so far

We are currently 7 weeks into the batch and these were simply crazy!

Kicked off with an intense short bootcamp, and followed by weekly meetings and goal setting, time is best spent working on our company.

Last day of bootcamp from home 😷

The program is notorious for providing you with focus and it is exactly what we felt.

In this time we managed to run three 48 hours hackathons, spoke with 100 lenders in 6 different continents, and started working with lenders with the most bespoke lending models.

Working through the night in one of the hackathons 💪🏽

YC is also known for a lot of great companies and we were delighted to hear about their stories from the founders themselves.

Hearing how some of the greatest companies out there started out really brings the much-needed perspective to further execute our plans and always update them with our learnings.

One of the talks with Michael Seibel and Airbnb founders

Lastly, the YC experience is best when sharing it with other extremely smart founders and it has been a pleasure to meet our batch mates and learn from them.

Looking forward

Founding a successful software company is a challenge, but one that has been beaten many times over, and we intend to beat it too!

Thanks, Nicolas, Harj, and Gustaf for your help and direction.

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