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Ideal solution for small businesses

A great package for small or independent lenders with a small loan portfolio or a single analyst.

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Ideal for medium-size businesses


For SME lenders with multiple analysts or loan managers with a growing loan portfolio.

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Ideal solution for large, complex organizations

For organizations that need an enterprise solution we offer POA quote.

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Frequently asked questions

Which pricing plan is right for me?

We understand that each business is unique, requiring specific features to support its workflows. Above you can see the features included in the different plans to support your needs. If you need help in choosing the right plan for you, reach out to our sales team.

What is an active loan?

An active loan is a loan application status which means that the loan agreement has started.

If I can’t find a plan that meets my needs?

If you manage a portfolio of over 20 active loans, you can request a quote to get an exact price at contact@hypercore.ai.

Can I change or modify our plan after purchase?

Yes, we understand that some companies may need to revise their contracts based on unexpected circumstances.

Is my business too small to use Hypercore?

Hypercore is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, so the software scales easily to accommodate every business size. The benefits and advantages of Hypercore apply equally to all businesses regardless of size. However, we also offer the “Basic” plan that can be set up in minutes.

How secure is my data with Hypercore?

Hypercore is built on a robust and flexible architecture that provides security and control over everything from user and client authentication through administrative permissions to the data access and sharing model.

How do I get started implementing Hypercore?

As soon as you sign up you can modify Hypercore as needed to best mirror how your company does business. Use our chat to speak with our customer success team that will help you set up your account.

How long is the setup process?

The time it takes to configure Hypercore differs depending on your use case. Using our standard configurations you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.